Beautiful Fül always comes through on that shit that we've seen before, but haven't seen before, ya dig? It's like the difference between hearing and listening. You've probably come across variations of all the stuff here, but with that patented Fülish take on things, it gets way doper way quicker. Like, why stop the side-zip on your hoodie at the ribs? Bring that shit all the way up to the shoulder seam so you can decide just how fucking flagrant you want to get with your zipper game. Or, how about the quater-zip, henley-neck sweatshirt? That may be the only way to wear a henley outside of, like, how every model in every J. Crew catalog ever rocks it. Beautiful Fül F/W 15 takes some basic inspiration from bare-knuckle boxing as you can clearly see by the model wrapping up his fists who can very likely beat the shit out of me. As per usual, there is a whole lot to like here: shawl collar topcoats, takes on denim and leather (two of BF's standout efforts each and every season), flannels and what is basically the perfect noragi—not to long, not too short and done up in a simple indigo colorway. Each and every time we see stuff from the Beautiful Fül himself, Alejandro, we get stoked and this collection is no different. If you're a sad piece of human garbage, you can still get some of last season's gear at a nice discount right now before F/W 15 drops later this year.