Rolling Stone hopped on the Cool Teen™ Express and spent a day in the life with Asspizza, noted "Fashion Bros!" guest and a 16-year-old "fashion designer" who doesn't even sell his own clothing. Asspizza (government name: Austin Butts) spends the first part of the video scrolling through various praise and hate on the timeline before explaining that he doesn't want just anyone wearing his gear, only the people who want it most. And when asked what he wants to be when he grows up, he already knows because he's already Asspizza. Respect.

It's utterly fascinating watching the rise of kids like Asspizza and his crew. They're creative, expressive and self-aware. They also don't take themselves too seriously. Like Asspizza says, "I made a shirt and people liked it so I was like, 'I guess I'll make fucking clothes.' Even though I don't even make clothes yet." He doesn't give a single fuck about school, having dropped out himself, preferring to create as oppose to listening to teachers for 8 hours a day. And people are paying attention to the young visionary. Asspizza was recently at Adidas HQ in New York and tweeted that he'd be releasing something with the brand soon along with fellow Cool Teens™ Father Steve and Kewin. Asspizza acknowledges that these days people get famous for nothing, like him, but the collective thought seems to be that kids don't know who to look up to anymore and see this bunch of NYC-based kids as inspirational: "You can just do whatever you want and shit could happen. Just try." He's doing something. That's for sure. We're 100% with it.

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