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As a part of the "Sweet As One" exhibition in Chengdu, China to celebrate the 1st anniversary of Chengdu IFS, a 185-meter-long and seven-meter-wide carpet was constructed out of candy in front of the luxury and flagship retail building. Curated by AllRightsReserved (who also brought Florentijn Hofman's giant inflatable Rubber Duck to Hong Kong) and designed by Craig & Karl, the world's largest candy carpet took 2,000 volunteers a total of five days to complete, and it is comprised of 13 tons of candies, which will eventually be processed and donated to underprivileged children along with lunches provided by Chengdu IFS.

Volunteers Building Candyland Street

Arial Photo Of Candlyland Street

Candyland Street Photo

We're not sure how many individual candies it takes to make 13 tons, but it is a lot. The carpet's design closely resembles Craig & Karl's other graphic design projects, which have included colorful portraits, posters for the Bavarian State Opera, and collaborations and projects with Apple, Nike, Kiehls, Prince, and several others. Check out the short installation video above and head to the design duo's website for more.