The undying curiosity of Tourne de Transmission designer Graeme Gaughan has taken him all over the globe, from East London for TDT's Fall/Winter 2014 collection to North Africa for Spring/Summer 2015. For this season, Tourne de Transmission is tapping into Tibetan traditions and culture for a collection titled Noise—a name that references the the deafening silence one encounters in the northeast Himalayas.

The collection draws directly from the garb of Tibetan natives, but easily translate to pieces fit for the modern wardrobe. The rough, textured fabrics, including a reverse washed denim, imitate Tibetan native's beaten up workwear jackets and are used throughout the collection. Monk-influenced layering is the source for a variety of silhouettes and lengths seen on the range of robes, jackets, and coats. Staying true to the theme of silence, colors are also kept to a minimum, but for the use of red, which is a very important tone in Tibetan culture.

The collection's sparse use of color and pattern is a noiselessness that attempts to draw from the same power that makes "a snow covered mountain range ... so deafening," says Gaughan.

Check out the full Fall/Winter 2015 collection below and look for it to drop in the upcoming months.