Salivate over The Soloist F/W 15 and let your anime fantasies run wild. In typical The Soloist fashion, it's a little wild west mixed with '70s rock stars mixed with Cowboy Bebop bounty hunters. It isn't straight outta Nippon like F/W 14, but it's definitely halfway there. I don't know what it is about a black and white lookbook, but I love it even if I can't tell what the color story is whatsoever. It just gives things that dramatic art house vibe, while also looking really crisp. If I were to guess, I'd say things are probably staying fairly true to Takahiro Miyashita's method with blacks, greys, olives, tans and the like featuring predominantly throughout. So, while the colors are simple, the designs are on some astronomical rocket science level of complicated with a bunch of fringe and embroidery as per usual. If there's one thing I can really take away here, it's that I still really to be able to walk around the city with an absurdly expensive scarf covering my nose and mouth, looking like a straight up bandito.