There are all sorts of black holes on the Internet, but this may be among the most disturbing to our readers. Today, Gawker explores the world of guys destroying brand new sneakers by loading them up with pudding and then putting their feet into them. There is no shortage of fetishes, but this might be the weirdest garment-related one yet. I mean, what the fucking fuck? Whether the sensual sensation of the pudding glooping and glorping around their feet is what gets them off or the fact that they just enjoy the process of destroying the shoes, this is fucking bonkers and a goddamn travesty to behold.

There is already a subculture of people out there who enjoy destroying shoes in general. One person Gawker spoke to has uploaded tons of videos of him mangling sneakers in a variety of different ways, but this takes it one step further. This whole filling shoes with weird stuff and then stuffing your foot into it to see the goo shoot out the laces and perforations thing seems to be a popular method. It's disgusting and terrible and makes us at Four Pins sick. For some, it's just another way to destroy sneakers. For others, it's a fetish to the nth degree. If you like sneakers at all, it's terrifying to watch any of these videos happen. I don't place too much importance on respecting footwear since shoes and sneakers are meant to be loved and worn (sometimes even hard), but watching these crimes against footwear me want to vomit. WHAT DID SNEAKERS EVER DO TO YOU? WHY MUST YOU TREAT THEM LIKE THIS? GOD HAVE MERCY ON THEIR SOLES.