After a break of sorts, I'm starting to fuck heavily with goofy little bags like this one from Slow. I used to fuck heavily with satchels and shit in college, but that was college. You can do whatever the fuck you want in college. I know a kid that wore a bowler hat, flip-flops and shorts EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY and now he works at the UN crafting international policy and shit. I'm gonna wear this bag over my blazer, but under my shop coat. I saw Hiroki rocking a look like that once. I always wonder what Hiroki keeps in his satchel. I know it's not really good weed because I'm sure Hiroki has a dude in a 38 thousand dollar kimono to hold his weed for him. I bet you Hiroki keeps, like, a gold bar, a sea shell and sand from his favorite beaches in his satchel. Personally, I would keep at least one small totemic item in mine because if you don't stunt like a shaman when you're wearing a leather satchel you're missing the entire point of cosplaying as Indiana Jawnz.