Everyone should know that the Seahawks are based in Seattle, but they're biggest fan resides in the town of Candler, Ariz. Real estate developer Ashtin Fitzwater, who's originally from Seattle, hasn't let distance keep him fulfilling his duties as the ultimate 12th Man. He painted the entire exterior of the home in green and blue one weekend, and also spray painted the team's logo on his lawn, the number 12 on his roof, and jersey numbers on his garage door.

In an interview with KXLY4 Sports, Fitzwater's neighbors said that they don't really mind the intense show of team pride. "We said, 'You're finally painting your house' and he said 'Yeah, in Seahawks colors' and we said OK," said Lu Macomber, who added that the neighborhood has seen an increase in traffic because people want to take photos of Fitzwater's lawn.

The superfan's girlfriend (whose mother owns the house) was also in on the customization. "The hawk in the yard was her idea," Fitzwater told the press. "I threw out the painting this year and she was skeptical at first, but then as we started doing it, she loves it man."

If the Seahawks lose on Sunday, Fitzwater may need to make an emergency trip to the hardware store.

[via Curbed]