Sandro does what it does pretty damn well, even if it tends to be overpriced. The minimal, mostly black and white look Sandro is known for doesn't change much for F/W 15, but it does add a few curveballs, like printed newspaper clippings that add the graphic element of "fashion as an art installation" that has become quite popular recently. But beyond that and the most paternal dad jeans I've ever seen in my entire life, things stick pretty well to the middle for Sandro. This season opts for the turtleneck trend, but nothing on the chunky side of things. They're much more louche and kinda flimsy looking and mostly in white, so be careful with your marinara sauce, fam. As usual, the outerwear is king and there's a lot to choose from: leather jackets, shearling-lined parkas, truckers and lightweight topcoats. By and large, Sandro's offerings border on classic rather than bowing to every single trend, but somebody smart over there hopped on the long hoodie wave. Saying Sandro has hit cruise control feels like an insult, so let's go with "cruising altitude" instead.

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