In case you missed it yesterday, Rick Owens sent models down the runway for his F/W 15 show without any support underneath their sheer man dresses, fulfilling his long-running Dick Ovens legacy. We're talking legitimately, full-on commando. And it was no accident either. This doesn't qualify as a "dick slip" by any means. Ain't no wardrobe malfunctions in Ricky's game. Pieces were purposely designed with openings right at the penile area, leaving little to the imagination of the show attendees. And while female models routinely bare their private parts on the catwalk, just like on television and in film, SOCIETY CANNOT HANDLE EVEN THE SLIGHTEST BIT OF DONG WITHOUT FREAKING THE FUCK OUT AS THIS CAPS LOCK STATEMENT SHOULD THOROUGHLY INDICATE.

i-D caught up with Owens backstage to ask about the game-changing ball cleavage. His response: "I thought it was the most simple, primal gesture-and you know I love a simply tiny, little gesture that packs the wallop." We're pretty sure he's not speaking about the heat the fellas were packing. He continued, "Not many people can do that. I mean, it's a straight world now. And it also, I think, says something about being independent. Who else can really get away with that kind of stuff? It's a corporate world." And, since Rick himself is still an independent designer, there was no red tape for him to maneuver around or hoops to jump through. As always, it was just Rick being Rick. Ballsy move, homie.