It's the time of year again when some of the greatest artists from around the world meet in the islands of Hawaii for days of painting and collaborating. In case you missed it, check out our photos from each day of the 2014 festival herehere, and here, browse the gallery of completed murals here, and watch the footage we shot at the bottom of this post. The POW! WOW! Hawaii 2015 Arts Festival kicks off very soon, and now we have the official list of participating artists:

Visiting artists: Aaron Horkey, Akut, Alexis Diaz, Bezt, Case, Cryptik, Debe, D*Face, David Flores, Dmote, Doze Green, Ernest Zacharevic, Esao Andrews, Fafi, Ganzeer, Hottea, Hueman, James Jean, Kelly Towles, Kevin Ancell, Kevin Lyons, Klone, Kozyndan, Mark Dean Veca, Maser, Maya Hayuk, Natalia Rak, Naturel, Nosego, Olek, Reach, Roa, Saber, Sainer, Sever, Smithe, Strok, Tatiana Suarez, Tristan Eaton, and Vincent Di Nguyen.

Local artists: Aaron Kai, Beak, Bother, Chad Hasegawa, Ckaweeks, Danny King, Davesaction, Defer, Ekundayo, ENDR, Gary Draws Fish, Gavin Murai, Jasper Wong, Jeffrey Gress, Kai Kaulukukui, Kamea Hadar, Katch, Maek, Mark Anthony Visaya, Matthew Ortiz, Matthew Tapia, Mr. Destructo, Mung Monster, Norm, Oera, Prime, Puff, Richie Lucero, Roxanne Ortiz, Ryan Chun, Sergio Garzon, Shingo Yamazaki, Slick, Solomon Enos, Soker, Unomas, Welzie, Whomu, and Woes Martin.

Expect a lot more updates about the festival, including in-progress shots of the murals in the near future.