I usually think of the Opening Ceremony shopper as some terrible art school kid looking for inspiration for their final project or whatever and occasionally indulging in the world of high-end designer fashion with their dad's credit card. Like, they go there more just to be different or some equally insufferable reason. Maybe they should start going just for the clothes though because this F/W 15 collection is kind of fucking fire. It features a running photography theme with the old school Kodak logos, which almost feels like artsy fuccboi streetwear? You won't wear screen-printed HBA logos because those are ridiculous, but colorful Kodak ones are totally acceptable. Because I am a hypocrite, I agree with that sentiment. Along with the typical OC paneling and all-over patterns, the brand comes correct with an incredibly smooth caramel, steely grey and midnight navy palette. Then there's the outerwear, which is basically all we care about, right? Highlights include a hefty camel topcoat, a transformed military jacket, a long and exorbitantly puffy MA-1, a trucker with added details and a straightforward black topcoat for the goths. You could easily round out your entire outerwear rotation with just OC, even if you dropped out of high school.