Farfetch has teamed up with Nick Wooster, one of the most stylish dudes in the world, to offer fashion advice heading into Spring/Summer 2015. It seems as if Wooster can't even walk outside nowadays without getting street styled, plus he has a resume so stacked with experience, from Men's Fashion director of Neiman Marcus to design director at Ralph Lauren, you'd be foolish not to heed his advice. 

Wooster's advice falls under four categories: "Invest in some sneakers," "Outerwear is of the utmost importance," "Button up," and "Embrace Sportswear." Wooster serves up excellent pearls of wisdom on diving into these trends without getting lost in them, as well as a spectrum of brands to help get you started. For example, for sneakers Woost God wants to see something classic, "like an adidas Stan Smith, Superstar or Samba." He also says he's currently rocking everything from Common Projects and Givenchy, to more affordable kicks, like Vans. 

For jackets and outerwear, Wooster sees no reason not to have a solid rotation of both in your wardrobe. He recommends a lightweight jacket for spring and adds, "A classic fishtail parka, anorak, mackintosh, windbreaker, pea coat or jean jacket will get you through every season​." He also says that a tailored jacket will be crucial for the upcoming season. 

Lastly, Wooster encourages readers to wear key sportswear pieces—"t-shirts, tanks, sweat pants, and leggings"—mixed in with more tailored items. "Otherwise," Wooster writes, "you’ll end up looking like you are going to the gym, or to bed."

You can read the entire article and shop based on Wooster's tips over on Farfetch

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