The New York Times is getting into the menswear game with a new monthly section in its print magazine dedicated to men's style and fashion, reports Capital. The section is the newspaper's first addition since it added Thursday Styles in 2005, and will be added on to NYT's existing Styles section. 

The new section, plainly named Men's Style, is part of the Times' effort to revamp its print paper and reengage advertisers. Men's style is a rapidly growing luxury category and spending at U.S newspapers increased in the area from $9.8 million in 2012 to $10.45 million in 2013. The new section should be a gold mine for advertisers since blowing tons of money, or at least aspiring to, on clothes won't be an unfamiliar concept to anyone here. 

The section will be overseen by Stuart Emmrich and run the first Friday of every month, starting April 3. 

Let's just hope the paper doesn't write any more wildly flagrant pieces on men's style, including saying that monocles were back in style and that being shirtless is the new trend for men. At the very least, though, the acknowledgement from the venerable publication is vindication for us dudes who have been interested in style for a minute now. 

[via Capital]

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