ROCK THAT ALL WHITE WHEN I'M FEELING GODLY. Have I used that line yet? Fuck it, don't care. This Nanamica sweater is made from Coolmax, which I've probably also mentioned before, but, again, fuck it, don't care. Coolmax has been around for a minute. I know because when I was heavy into skating, my mom was super worried about her son getting hurt because she was more fully aware of and realistic about my actual athletic abilities, so she bought me a helmet and these knee pads that were designed to be worn underneath your jeans so that your friends at the struggle hubba spot in your town wouldn't be able to call you a pussy unless they looked really closely at your pants. And those undercover knee pads were made with Coolmax. I'd like to say I was grateful and wore my helmet and secret knee pads when I went skating, but all I did was wear them until I turned the corner and then took that shit off with the quickness before stuffing them into my backpack. SORRY MOM, BUT YOU AND I BOTH KNOW I WASN'T ACTUALLY DOING ANY REAL TRICKS. You don't need a helmet or pads for pushing around an elementary school parking lot while cool older kids smoke cigarettes.