We all recognize hyper-stylized ads from the likes of Calvin Klein, Chanel or Giorgio Armani. The heavy whispering, slow motion camera movement and the stereotypical imagery, like driving an expensive car late at night or the drapes around the window billowing in the breeze. Well, Mercedes-Benz decided to have a little fun at all that shit's expense in anticipation of the lead up to Berlin Fashion Week with a short video dripping with tongue-in-cheek fashion clichés. With tatted-up cool guy street style superstar and buying director for mytheresa.com, Justin O'Shea leading the way, he daydreams in black and white, talks like Matthew McConaughey in those Lincoln commercials and spends an inordinate amount of time thinking silently to himself. To be honest, this is the shit all of us thought about when we bought our first expensive piece of clothing and posted it on Tumblr. We all wanted to be this uber tatted up duderino with a slick wardrobe of black suits, dope cars and hot babes. But then, once we got a little more entrenched in the community, we began to realize that literally no one actually does that sort of thing and that the #menswear Illuminati is just a bunch of herbs. So, yeah, don't worry, you're not really missing anything.