If you have eyes, you have probably noticed that men are taking back the tights industry. This trend has been happening for a while and doesn't seem to be losing any steam whatsoever as fashion month has already seen many designers send looks down the runway featuring tights layered underneath shorts or leggings seemingly glued onto hindquarters. So, yeah, tights are motherfucking back and The Guardian took a look at what manly men are doing with their hosiery.

Tights started out as a men's garment long ago (you probably already knew that) and began to fade out once they gained the connotation as a womanly garment. Now, dudes everywhere are learning to once again embrace the sealed in freshness of meggings. I support this, not only style-wise, but from a comfort perspective as well. Dean Kissick at The Guardian even gave a pair of thicker women's tights a test drive and loved them, but if you're worried about gender norms and shit it can get pretty dicey. The last thing you want is to have to tell some of your more judgmental friends that you're rocking "pantyhose." Naturally, terminology is most definitely the crux of all this. When we talk tights, we're referring to tight, opaque leggings, similar to long johns or long underwear, but without the thermal waffling. Dare I say, more or less yoga pants—something a tad bit technical is probably your best bet.

The world's biggest hosiery store, UK Tights, claims that 40% of its business is done with men and that tights are just the natural progression from the increasingly skinny jean trend, which makes complete sense, dubious statistics aside. People who actually work outside need the extra layer, while some guys just want the added comfort. Not to mention, there's a slimming effect to all this as well. Throw some underneath a pair of jeans on a cold day or under a pair of cropped pants so you can flex that open-mindedness of yours.