For some reason we didn't touch on Marni S/S 15 at any point in the past few months, so we're taking the fashion time machine back a minute for this one. In English classes, professors always talk about the "biased narrator," the person telling you the story through the lens of how he or she experienced it. And that's exactly what I am, a biased narrator for Marni. A completely fucking shameful, biased narrator. While it never has the glitz and glamor of shit like Saint Laurent or even Dries, there is a sense of quiet sophistication about Marni's collections. There's color, but not the shade or the amount that typically shoos away our color-averse taste here at Four Pins. There are still some lingering florals, which just about every S/S collection in history is required to have, but they're of the big and bold Engineered Garments type rather than the Simon Doonan wearing Liberty variation, so they're (somehow) easier to wear, if that makes any sense whatsoever. The main takeaway here is that Marni's entire S/S 15 collection is the reason why oversized, unstructured outerwear is super cool to me. At the current moment, there is nothing better than throwing on the equivalent of a fabric sack and just not giving a fuck as you walk around with a coffee and a notebook to jot down all your corny observations about the world around you that is incredibly confused by your gigantic jacket.