The Hill-Side is a brand known more for their square-end patterned ties and pocket squares, but lately they've been branching out into sneakers, card cases,  and a full lifestyle line of shirts, pants, and blazers. Renowned for their painstaking fabric nerdery, the Brooklyn-born label has fans in Americana heads and Japanese style nerds alike. And now, they can count one of the greatest living basketball players as a bona fide member of the club.
As The Hill-Side co-founder Emil Corsillo tells it, King James discovered The Hill-Side by way of Cuffs, a luxe haberdasher located just outside of Cleveland, where The Hill-Side's product sits alongside brands like Hermés and Kiton. His stylist came in and bought every single one of The Hill-Side's wool fedoras, actually the Corsillo brothers' first foray into the grown-up hat game.
Made in Pennsylvania from 100% wool, the Rambouillet material comes from French sheep. In true Hill-Side fashion, the crowns are finished with a Japanese indigo hat band with a cotton twill sweatband on the inside. LeBron first wore the hat for his big return with the Cavs back in October, mixing it up with a luxe Balenciaga topcoat and Thom Browne shirt:

@kingjames arrives to "The Q" for his @cavs return @nbaontnt! #NBAstyle #phantomcam

A video posted by NBA (@nba) on Oct 10, 2014 at 3:28pm PDT


And he busted it out again on Christmas Day in his first game against the Heat, this time paired with a bold butterfly sweatshirt from the swag masters at Valentino:


@kingjames arrives in Miami for @cavs/@miamiheat, NEXT on ABC. #NBAXmas

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It's always interesting to see how real dudes repurpose certain brands to fit their sense of personal style, and LeBron's latest hat preference shows the star player is certainly a man of eclectic tastes. The Hill-Side certainly isn't a brand one would think to pair with runway veterans like Balenciaga and Thom Browne, but it's a look that works. While Emil Corsillo says the hats have sold really well this season, there are select sizes still available at Hickorees, and just about every color and size is still available at J. Crew for $166 a pop.

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