A panic sets in on me right around the time I get S/S 15 collection emails because that's the exact moment I realize I've spent all my money and I have to figure out a way to pay for a trip to NYFW. I already got hosed by buying too early only to see my coveted jawn slip to an ever cheaper price, like, a week and a half after I pull the trigger. I NEED THAT EXTRA 15% OFF, BRANDS. THAT RIGHT THERE COULD BE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A HILARIOUS UBER ANECDOTE FOR MY FASHION WEEK DIARY AND A HILARIOUS SUBWAY RIDE ANECDOTE FOR MY FASHION WEEK DIARY. God fucking forbid it's a hilarious anecdote about actually walking in snow. Gross. Walking is for poors. Oh yeah, right, S/S 15 collections! Larose Paris made new hats including a fire zipper stash pocket joint to distract from our terrifying visages.