Brands have started pushing out their commercials for Super Bowl Sunday. Yesterday, Victoria's Secret made the first move, and was followed by the T-Mobile ad starring Kim Kardashian, released last night. For an ad that basically makes Kim's ass the spotlight, the cell phone commercial is surprisingly well done and clever. 

However, the new commercial only reminds us of Kim's first Super Bowl ad: Her 2012 Skechers spot. The commercial features Kim saying suggestive things like, "You're the best I've ever had," to her trainer while close-ups of her body fill the screen. This commercial, though, wasn't as well received as this year's Kim K Super Bowl ad for T-Mobile. The spot was so bad that everyone was relieved when a dog replaced her in Skecher's ad the following year.

Watch Kim's Skechers commercial in all its glory above. 

[via YouTube]