During the "Millions March NYC" protest, French artist JR's image of Eric Garner's eyes rose above the crowds and became a powerful part of the movement, flanked by hundreds of thousands of people fighting for justice. Following the terrorist attack on the French satirical publication Charlie Hebdo, the artist created another mosaic that has been seen by the millions who participated in the marches in Paris and by the millions more who have been watching the coverage around the world.

The mosaic features the eyes of Charlie Hebdo editor and cartoonist Stephane Charbonnier, aka "Charb," who was among those murdered at the publication's office last week. Illustrators, street artists, and cartoonists around the world have been creating tributes to Charb and the rest of the victims, and the marches continue as more and more people join the fight for freedom of speech and freedom of press. 

Gris1 DMV, Image via Street Art News
Image via Metro Time
Image via Street Art SF

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