John Mayer is a famed watch collector, and the singer has noticed some changes to the company that really got him into watches, IWC. So, of course, Mayer has penned a letter on Hodinkee in which he professes his love for the venerable Swiss watch company—even referring to it as "you" throughout—but also makes some suggestions on how the brand could improve. 

Mayer begins by singing the brands praises, "In a world of stuffy, erudite luxury watchmakers, your brand stood out as sleek, sturdy, and supremely confident." And talks about IWC's place in his life:

"I soon bought a Big Pilot and not only did it become my favorite watch, it also took on a much larger role as a personal identifier; “Big Pilot” became my code name on the road, and the 12 o’clock indicator even made it on the twelfth fret of my Martin signature acoustic guitar​.

However, Mayer eventually has to hit the brand with the truth, detailing how IWC lost its authenticity starting with the release of the luxurious Ingenieur model. In the following years, the company added so many limited editions and famous "friends of the brand" that, Mayer writes, IWC "seemed at times more like a luxury hotel chain than a watch manufacturer." Ouch. 

In the end, Mayer makes a plea for IWC to return to its heritage, scale down the introduction of new products, "play hard to get, and treat your flagship pieces with dignity​." 

Read the entire letter over at Hodinkee.

[via Hodinkee]