Jennifer Medina's snapshots of her day-to-day life make us feel like we're doing it wrong, or at least like we're not having as much fun as we should be. Like the work of Sandy Kim or Ryan McGinley, Medina's photos capture the essence of being young and free, which combined with fantastical color schemes (used by artists like Neil Krug), take viewers on a vibrant adventure.

Medina tells us that, for her, "Every shoot is inspired by spontaneity and working with the unexpected." She adds, "The lack of hyper-preparedness gives way to an almost magical flow where freedom takes over, and something new is created." As one can see from her images, typically with models she's met by chance or over the Internet, few of these scenarios seem like they could even be staged.

We got Medina to share her favorite photos with us and the stories behind them. For more, follow her on Instagram @lulannie.