There's no doubt that you already have a list of go-to brands that you're copping and wearing on the regular. But in the name of expanding your horizons, it's always healthy and exciting to step outside of your comfort zone from time to time, even when it takes you halfway around the world. 

Anyone who's a fan of quality—in terms of aesthetic and craftsmanship—has been paying attention to the menswear and streetwear scenes in Japan. Even guys who have no interest in "fashion" would feel well at home in several of Japan's best and brightest brands. While we can respect that you've got a favorite brand here in the states, we've scoped out a few names that may be worth trying from the land of the rising sun. Whether you're looking for something new based on your favorite label, or are just curious about Japan's list of great designers, these are 10 Japanese Brands to Check Out Based on Labels You Already Like.