We're all on the same page that Jeff Goldblum is a fucking legend, right? Because Jeff Goldblum is the fucking man and there is no denying that fact. So, if you feel otherwise, you need to close your browswer and just, like, log out of IRL existence while you're at it. Hypebeast got a look inside closet of everyone's favorite idiosyncratic actor and added to it with some shopping around Los Angeles. While we don't support Goldblum's bow tie collection, we can't deny it matches his personality. Anyhow, he and Kyle Ng hit Undefeated for sunflower yellow Converse Chucks and Self Edge for the perfect white tee from 3sixteen. If it wasn't obvious already, Goldblum's clearly a simple, yet complicated guy. He likes his retro, basic sneakers and a simple white tee. But as you can see from his closet, he also likes some out there shit. This is a dude I think I would like to go shopping with. Can you imagine if you busted out some rare EG with a ton of pockets? Think of the soliloquy Goldblum would go off on. You'd be there for hours, just listening to the gawd jabber about shit you already know, but want to hear in his voice. Jeff, my man, let's hang out, bro.