Where do we stand on Hood By Air in 2015, guyw? Has its influence over fuccboi culture usurped its status as a standalone fashion brand? Has it totally jumped the shark? Did A$AP Rocky actually dead the whole movement in one verse? I've never been a fan of HBA, but I've seen its presence as an important one within the industry and culture. It's a lightning fast growing brand and Shayne Oliver has become a huge name in a few short years. Aside from the typical "it's just black and white screen-printing with 'HBA' everywhere" criticisms, which are rampant among high-minded fashion types, Hood By Air doesn't feel as edgy as it did even, say, eight months ago. At the time of me writing this, it feels totally accessible and almost like it's been propped up by the industry at large as a sort of a "hey, see, fashion can be different" type beacon. Like, this isn't the typical high-fashion you think of.

Okay, I'm done trying to read between the lines and provide some serious criticism here. HBA's S/S 15 line is prototypical Hood By Air in a certain sense—very reminiscent of their best-selling line of basics, Hood By Air Classics. From the shocking looks showed at NYFW (surely for spectacle alone), this feels a bit safer than, well, a closet of S&M chains and harnesses. Dare I say it's almost pedestrian. Or maybe I'm just completely numb to this shit by now. With that said, there's still a ton of zippers throughout because, like, who doesn't like zippers nowadays? There are also some cool looking bomb explosion prints that might appeal to Funkmaster Flex. HBA S/S 15 has already hit some stores, so if you're into it, don't let me, or anyone else for that matter, convince you otherwise.