We already understand that Coachella is pretty much the worst, but there are steps being taken to ensure that it is indeed the worst thing in existence. For instance, the news that H&M collaborating with Coachella on a clothing line. Apparently, the wardrobes of festival attendees has sparked a "fashion moment" that has bohemian-inspired clothes flying off the racks at retailers. H&M is usually at Coachella as a sponsor anyway and announced their Alexander Wang collaboration there at a secret party last year. However, that's not enough because nothing ever is. It must collaborate with the music festival. It must build wit fam.

So, the two companies have a new line of branded clothing and accessories for men and women that will hit U.S. H&M stores on March 19th. It includes everything your festival nightmares are made of: a whole lot of fringe, lace, crop-tops and rompers for women and bro-tastic graphic tees and shorts for the guys priced from $4.95 to $49.95. As stupid as this is, it does end up being pretty damn convenient for attendees because if they somehow got tickets to Coachella and end up with molly sweats so bad that they ruin all the clothes they packed, there will be a pop-up shop on-site where they can restock on all the gear they need that they'll just throw out once they leave anyway.