The Glide

LeBron and his hairline are in search of support, solidarity, guidance and inspiration. Look no further, my friend, than to Clyde "The Glide" Drexler. A member of the Dream Team, a champion in Houston and one of the smoothest dunkers of all time, Clyde was no slouch. And at 30 he was balder than a motherfucker. Like, easily balder than LeBron by a good 30%. Maybe if '90s technology had been better he'd have succumbed to the pressure, but Clyde gave zero fucks. He didn't even wear a headband, which, yes, were already invented back then. He just kept balling in the same impressive and underrated fashion he had for years. Clyde, are you out there, checking in on your SEO? Maybe you have a Google Alert set up for your name? Please send LeBron a nice handwritten note telling him it's okay to let go, just like Frozen said or whatever.