The blizzard that recently passed through New York City was initially advertised as the worst that the city has ever seen. Travel bans and citywide closures turned one of the busiest places on Earth into a ghost town, with only a few brave (and crazy) souls out on the streets. Among them were graffiti artists, armed with cans and hidden by the cover of falling snow.

Aymann Ismail of ANIMAL ventured out on Tuesday morning with SKI, VEW, OPTIMO, and COL Wallnuts to document the paint session. "There are less busybodies outside," writes Ismail of what sounds like a writer's paradise. "Snowy roads slow motor vehicles (and police cruisers) to a snail's pace, and the city, for the most part, is focused on way more urgent matters."

Image via Aymann Ismail / ANIMALNewYork
Image via Aymann Ismail / ANIMALNewYork
Image via Aymann Ismail / ANIMALNewYork

One of the artists, VEW, also made headlines last year for bringing back the forgotten art of train bombing along with his partner in grime, CETE. The artists tagged trains in the MTA yard on at least two occasions, leaving a Spy vs. Spy mural on a R train and a Pink Panther piece on a B train. "Graff started on trains first," they told ANIMAL back in March. "Streets are overrated with hippy street art. It’s not about fame or money. I’m keeping graff raw and rugged, no watered down shit you see today."

The NYPD did claim that graffiti complaints were on the rise in parts of New York City, so let's all agree that winter and fake blizzards are really to blame.

[via ANIMAL]