The amount of minimal French brands out here is really insane. They're everywhere and it's hard to tell the difference between a lot of them at any given moment. But It's never hard to distinguish Études because, most of the time, the clothing will remind you with some huge "ÉTUDES" branding. And if the name isn't plastered on it, then it's a big ass "É" logo or dropped on subtly with a tiny, embroidered one. I love it. I mean, Études is a cool looking word that translates to "study" and that's a very obscure and artsy translation, which is the ethos the brand's collections, like F/W 15, mimics. This stuff is made for our outdated image of artists: stark white dress shirts, mosaic prints and bright, bold colors dropped on basic pieces like chinos, T-shirts and sweaters. But there's also signature Études weirdness thanks to windowpane overalls, color-blocked shirts, Cav Empt-style prints and cable knits so big they look like they were taken from the the image under a microscope. This is what we want to imagine all French people dress like because it's so sophisticated and basic, but not, like, basic, until, of course, some douchebag busts into the comments and tells us most French people are kitted out in, like, Diesel and Armani Exchange. So, for now, just go with it.