Shout out to End for locking down this exclusive colorway from ETQ. They didn't fuck it up by getting a wack exclusive either. Some people describe sneakers like this as "triple black," which seems needlessly complicated when you could just say "black" or "murdered out" if you're a cool white person. I like these sneakers because they kind of remind me of these random sneakers I bought in China. They weren't as finished as these ETQs, but they were kind of chunky and black. I thought I looked awesome in them when I paired them with some baggy khakis, but then one of my relatives was like, "You look like a janitor." The rest of my family laughed and was like, "Yeah, most expensively dressed janitor in the world, but still doesn't know how to clean anything." I traveled thousands of miles to see them and all they did was talk shit. Fucking family, man.