I could write about this Engineered Garments "Explorer Jacket" off the strength of Gentry's fit model being mid Birdman hand rub alone. Or, rather, mid EG hand rub. But I'm going to try and do my "job" here. I love the four lower pockets on this thing. The back pockets might be a bit hard to access, but on the occasion you are getting lit at an open bar, you can definitely shove some road beers back there and, that way, when you hop in the Uber and the driver doesn't even know what an aux chord is, you can just slam the beers on the way to the next co-sponsored event. It's probably a legal gray area as to whether you're allowed to drink in the back of an Uber, but fuck 'em. Those dudes are evil geniuses. Let them figure that shit out. We're just here to bump some Clipse while slamming free beers we jacked from a lame party on the way to another lame party where we'll see the same exact people that were at the last lame party.