On Jan. 24, Inner State Gallery will open a group show that features the work of over 40 emerging artists from Detroit. Titled "We Have a Dream," the show is curated by Roula David and includes works inspired by the life and words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

According to the exhibition press release, the show will reveal what the gallery calls a "often overlooked fact" about Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech. Before the iconic speech was delivered in front of 250,000 people in Washington D.C. on Aug. 28, 1963, it was heard by 25,000 people at Cobo Hall in Detroit on June 23, 1963, which makes the city the perfect place for this kind of event.

"The Final Call," Eno Laget. Image via Inner State Gallery.
"I Can't Feel My Face," Nick Jaskey. Image via Inner State Gallery.
We Have a Dream," Lamar Landers. Image via Inner State Gallery.
You Don't Have a Soul, You Are a Soul You Have a Body," Paula Zammit. Image via Inner State Gallery.
"Jimmy and Jalen," Tom Stoye. Image via Inner State Gallery.

Roula David says that her goal with "We Have a Dream" was to "curate a group exhibition that would shine a light on local artists and their dreams that are shaping the Detroit art scene." The show will run from Jan. 24 through Feb. 21. For more info, head to the gallery's website.

[via Huffington Post]