Andrew Chen, owner and designer of 3Sixteen, goes the extra mile for his artisanal denim brand that grew out of a graphic tee line. Now, 3Sixteen is at the point where it even develops its own fabrics, focusing on untreated raw denim. Chen hones in on every detail, from stitching to thread count, to ensure perfection and originality in every pair of jeans.

Surprisingly, Chen's current place in life—producing some of the finest quality jeans in the world—did not take a linear path. While working as an IT consultant, Chen began designing clothes on the side, eventually quitting to dedicate himself to the now very much full-time 3Sixteen. Chen and his team taught themselves how to create every garment and custom specifications for 3Sixteen, working with factories and production managers to learn how to make the physical product match their ideas. Watch the video above to see how he pulls it off.

[via Courvoisier]