Belief in the paranormal is a dividing line in society. There are the people who straight up do not believe in ghosts and then there are the people who, hand to God, are 100% positive they have had an experience with "the other side" and watch garbage SyFy programming like it's their last day on earth. I really don't believe in ghosts for any of the good shit, like a loved one watching over me or whatever, but you can bet your ass that I believe in the scary kinds of ghosts which, as The Daily Beast reports, might be inhabiting the new COS store in SoHo.

This ain't some urban legend shit either. This is real fucking life. On December 22, 1799, a young woman named Gulielma "Elma" Elmore Sands left her home on Greenwich Street to elope with carpenter Levi Weeks and was never heard from or seen again. A few days later on January 2, 1800, during an investigation into her disappearance, her remains were found strangled and drowned in the very well that now occupies the bottom floor of the COS store. Weeks, the obvious suspect went through an intense trial (represented by Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr! History! Crazy!), but was eventually acquitted and no one was ever found guilty for the murder. Spooooooooky *Jim Jones voice*.

After the trial, there were rumors of shrieks and screams emanating from the well, along with sightings of a white figure nearby. To this day, the well has never been moved or destroyed. The current associates of COS have not reported any sightings since the store opened last month, but that might just be Elma getting used to her new roommates. Personally, I'm never shopping at COS every again. Just know that if I'm ever brutally taken down, I'm haunting the nearest Uniqlo to help people find the best deals. Hopefully whenever Elma does pop up she does the same.