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As one of the oldest and most revered makers of athletic essentials, who better to help usher the genre of clothing into the future than Champion? The brand has played dress-up before, collaborating with designer Todd Snyder for a luxe spin-off, and now the brand is integrating work from Timo Weiland, Craig Green, and Wood Wood into its repertoire. The three designers were curated by Capsule Show to create this new Champion Select collaboration collection.

For the collection, the set of designers visited the deep Champion archives to get inspired and choose their favorite fabrications. So, while the new collection features a range of Champion's typical basics, they come without any of the basicnessHoodies, sweats, and coach's jackets, like the ones pictured, all come equipped with fashion-forward details. 

The collection will be available exclusively online and in stores at Urban Outfitters, as well as Space Ninety 8 in Brooklyn on Jan. 26.