It's been just about 18 years since The Notorious B.I.G passed away, and just as many since the release of his legendary posthumous album Life After Death, which dropped a few weeks after his passing.  The album became an instant classic, as did many of the songs on it, including "Hypnotize" and "Mo Money Mo Problems." Life After Death cemented Biggie's status as a legend, and although it's been almost two decades since his death, his legacy is so firmly rooted in the collective consciousness of hip-hop fans across the world that we continue to see tributes to him made through art, fashion, and merchandise to this day.

Bodega is the latest to drop some dope (pun intended) Biggie merch that's a must-have for any fan. The Commandments Mug and Tee were inspired by another heater from the Life After Death album, "The 10 Crack Commandments." In the song, Biggie raps, "I've been in this game for years, it made me a animal / There's rules to this shit, I wrote me a manual," and proceeds to deliver his top 10 tips for staying ahead in the dope game. The 10 points from Mr. Smalls' lecture are printed on the side of the mug, which is inspired by a Pyrex measuring cup, complete with signature red print and milliliter notches. The tee features the same design.

The Commandments Mug retails for $12 while the canned set that includes the Mug and Tee goes for $40. Hit up Bodega's online shop to purchase.