Just a day after Rihanna won her lawsuit with Topshop for a shirt with her face on it, another pop star is taking legal action over a company that used their likeness. TMZ is reporting that Beyoncé has threatened an Etsy artist who was selling mugs painted with Feyoncé, a spin on the singer's name. 

Bey's lawyers sent a letter to Etsy noting the similarity between the names and threatening legal action. Now, the mugs, which were a big hit among new fiancés, have been taken down from the artist's site. The singer still has work to do, though, as a search for "Feyoncé" still turns up plenty of items on Etsy. However, the way this case got handled shows that Queen Bey probably won't have any problems in having the rest of those items removed whenever she pleases.

If you're hoping to get a Feyoncé mug, sweater, or wine glass, we'd suggest moving quickly. 

[via TMZ]