With a litany of greatest (read: terrible) hits under its belt, Betabrand is back for more. This time, it's "Anti Paparazzi" clothing that will reflect the flash of the camera and make the wearer basically invisible in photographs. This was brought to light by Chris Holmes, this guy who is currently DJing for famed Kanye West collaborator Paul McCartney. He found that while wearing reflective clothing during his performances, subsequent photos would end up weird because of the flash bouncing off them and while he wasn't happy about it, he saw how the power of reflective clothing could be used for good rather than evil.

So here we are, with the possibility of a reflective jacket, blazer and infinity scarf making their way to market. Can I just say that this shit exists already? 3M is exceedingly popular nowadays and tons of designers and brands are throwing it on everything you can think of. Ovadia & Sons did an ENTIRELY 3M JACKET a season or two ago. Not only did it work, but it looked pretty cool. This is just an incredibly lazy attempt to make something that already exists, that no celebrity will actually wear—unless you consider Chris Holmes a celebrity—and that lames will think is cool to show off to all their turbo tech bro nerd friends. Oh wait, that's the description of every Betabrand project.