Art lovers have a thing for authenticity, just like enthusiasts in just about every other sub-culture. While some people acknowledge the talent that it takes to be a great art forger (the most popular art museum in Japan is comprised only of fakes), others detest the idea that the works that they are looking at or buying could be worthless. As a part of his "Made in China" project, artist Doug Fishbone will replace a masterwork at the Dulwich Picture Gallery with a replica, not to mess with people, but to (as he told Artnet) "encourage people to look with much greater focus and with a heightened sense of awareness at the actual artworks."

"We are not trying to pull a little stunt," Fishbone explained. "This is a quiet project, but it raises all sorts of broader questions: how do we interact with culture in our institutions; what does the exhibition context bestow on an object?" The artist and the museum will not share which work is a forgery, but Fishbone has revealed that it was created by China-based oil painting specialists Xiamen. The painting will be hung on Feb. 3 and will remain on view through July 26, with a reveal of title at some point in April.

[via Artnet]

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