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A.P.C. F/W 15 is vintage A.P.C. in all the ways we're used to: super wearable, simple colors, pared down styling and Jean Touitou acting a fool (we'll get to that a little later). For as boring as it may sound, A.P.C. consistently makes everything work while adding in some extra dimension as well, like a belted coat that's more of a robe. F/W 15, like previous collections, provides all the gear for the "Effortless Style" pinboard your girlfriend loves. It's just a bunch of dudes in killer basics ready to murder date night. Since you want to attract women and actually look good, you pick up some A.P.C. so you nail everything without looking like you're trying to hard.

Right, so the clothes themselves are fine, if not great, but it's all in spite of designer/founder Jean Touitou acting pretty much insane and having absolutely zero chill, titling a portion of the collection "Last N****s in Paris" and pronouncing the F/W 15 collaborative boots with Timberland as a "strong ghetto signifier." Okay, that's just straight up racist, homie. There is no contextualizing, massaging or rewording that would make it acceptable. He tried to play off the statement as a convergence between the movie Last Tango In Paris and his buddy/collaborator Kanye West's now iconic "N****s in Paris," clarifying afterward via email by saying he "ran it past Kanye" who immediately "love[d] this vibe," but, again, not okay. So, yeah, a fantastic looking collection with some extremely misplaced and maybe even nefarious inspiration.