We wish we wrote this list, to be completely honest with you. I mean, we sort of did a while ago...twice, but Style Dot Com did this one because they're super official and probably a lot more organized than we are. The crew over there rounded up "The 25 People Who Matter Most in Menswear Right Now." With fashion month right around the corner, it only makes sense to review who is making waves in menswear. The list is well-rounded and thought-out, with people not typically on our radar like Véronique Nichanian at Hermés and Carlo Brandelli at Kilgour, along with standbys who are consistently killing it like Raf Simons, Rick Owens, Hiroki Nakamura and Hedi Slimane. The guys behind the Swedish power duo of Our Legacy and Trés Bien also make the cut, while big name sneaker dudes like Mark Parker of Nike and Dirk Schonberger of Adidas are the footwear choices. Skateboard/streetwear names Alex Olson of Bianca Chandon and Stéphane Ashpool of Pigalle make appearances as well.

But the coup d'état of the list has to be our own Complex representatives, the Fashion Bros themselves, Lawrence Schlossman and James Harris. For some unknown reason, Style Dot Com took notice of Larry and James's penchant to eviscerate wannabes and crush each other's dreams about, well, basically everything. Congrats to them, I guess? You can bet that there will be an even thicker atmosphere of self-congratulation around the offices today. Take a look over the full list to see who really matters and who unfortunately didn't receive a few pity votes as the list needed rounding out.