He's only seven years old, but the artist known as Yung Lenox is about to be the subject of a documentary. A new project on Kickstarter, created by Anthoy Mathile and Stacey Lee, is asking for $15,000 to wrap of a film about the young artist's rise to fame through his drawings of rappers and album covers.

Earlier this year, we asked Yung Lenox about a few of his pieces, which include doodles of Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Wu-Tang Clan, Gucci Mane, Cam'ron, and more. According to his father, Skip, Yung Lenox started drawing these iconic subjects when he was only five years old. Skip encouraged his son to hone his art skills, and now the preteen artist is selling his prints for up to $40 online.

Mathile and Lee's film, titled Live Fast Draw Young, explores the relationship between Skip and Yung Lenox. "Through Lenox’s eyes and ears, the film offers an innocent and hilariously honest entry point into the often explicit and idolized culture of hip hop," write the creators on their Kickstarter page. "It reconsiders the age old parental advisory debate and the realities of a kid growing up in an adult world. As Skip is forced to confront his intentions and parenting skills, Lenox remains unfazed. He isn’t listening to any of it. In his world, art is 'medium important' as opposed to school, Legos and Minecraft. And that’s what makes the kid everyone’s favorite artist."

With the funds they raise on Kickstarter, Mathile and Lee will cover the costs of color correction, sound mix, music scoring, motion design, licensing, and festival costs. They hope to bring Yung Lenox's story to the big screen next year. Head to Kickstarter to back the project.