Usher, the R&B singer and apparent art fan, was at Art Basel in Miami last night, like the rest of the world who's looking to party appreciate art.

Image via weirdmagic on Twitter

To be honest, we aren't sure if he's a collector or anything like other fellow celebs. Needless to say, it looks like Ursh takes his #art seriously. It's being reported that he stopped by an exhibition put on by Weird Magic, where he stopped by a booth and charged his phone with a woman's vagina. It sounds too ludicrous to be true, but then a photo of said incident emerged and, well, a picture is worth a thousand words.

so usher just walked into my exhibition and charged his phone in my friend's vag #nsfw @VectorGalleryNY @SelectFair

— WEIRD MAGIC (@weirdmagic) December 4, 2014

UPDATE: Usher reportedly charged his phone at artist JJ Brine's Vectory Gallery using the "PostHuman" vag of Lena Marquise

[via Gawker]