After a year of construction, Y-40 Deep Joy, stamped by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's deepest pool, is finally in action. Designed by architect Emanuele Boaretto and located in Padua, Italy, the pool features a shaft that is 138 feet deep, a suspended transparent tunnel that allows guests to watch the divers in action, and a few underwater caves to replicate a real diving experience. As an added bonus, the pool is filled with little over one million gallons of heated water from local springs, allowing divers to plunge without the wetsuits they'd need in open seas or lakes.

Y-40 Deep Joy edged out a 113-foot deep pool in Brussels called the Nemo 33 to break the record for the world's deepest pool. The Nemo 33 was designed by Belgian diving expert John Beernerts as a training space for divers.

The record-breaking attraction is located at Hotel Terme Millepini in the Montegrotto Terme resort area near Venice. It is expected to appeal to scuba enthusiasts and free-divers of all skill levels with the hopes of transforming Montegrotto Terme into an international diving center. 

[via CNN]

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