Not yet fully ready to commit to adulthood? Still miss recess? If coloring books for adults and onesies for grown men aren't enough to fill the child-shaped void in your soul, your inner kid might just be appeased by Dutch designer Marleen Jansen's ingenious new idea: the Courtesy Table. This playground-inspired piece of furniture seats two and, like any other seesaw, has the potential to send you crashing to the ground. The only way to prevent this, of course, is for both people to remain seated together.

Jansen developed this idea as a way to force good table manners and prevent people from breaking the unspoken rule of staying at the dinner table until the other has finished their meal. In a world bombarded by social media and constant distractions, the Courtesy Table is a playful reminder that mealtime is a valuable, irreplaceable form of bonding and should be respected. Also, seesaws are just really fun. 

[via Fubiz]

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