Damn, 2014 flew by, huh? In a few days we're going to opening gifts and hitting the Mollynog hard, but it's also a time for us to reflect on some of the important things that have taken place in this 14th year of the 21st century. We saw some of our favorite celebrities dress really, really well! We saw a shit ton of dope overcoats, ripped denim, and even saw a rapper in a crop top. We saw them at fashion week, on the street, and yes—on fleek. This year's crop of uber-stylish celebrities kicked it up a notch with their individuality; something we are fortunately seeing more and more of. There are some perennial style-toppers making yet another appearance with some new faces poised to make a case for their permanence on the list. One things for sure; The Best Dressed Celebrities of 2014 are heading into the New Year with poise. 

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