As a part of her "Skin Data" project, artist Amanda Wachob will be tattooing twelve lucky clients at the New Museum Store during set dates and times starting Dec. 20 and ending on Jan. 17.

There are 23 original designs to choose from (including the samples below), and once a design has been reserved, no one else can request it. Those who reserve sessions with Wachob will also be given an 8"x10" canvas painting of the piece.

During the tattooing process, Wachob will be collecting data from the tattoo machine so that she and neuroscientist Maxwell Bertolero can analyze the information and translate it into "visual representations," with the machine's voltage determining the color and the duration of the pulse determining the length of each color band.

To be a part of the project, head to the New Museum Store's website to learn more and to reserve your time slot with Wachob.