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Puerto Rican street artist Bikismo ended Art Basel Week with a bang with the completion of a shiny new mural down in Wynwood. Painted for the RAW Project (Re-imagining the Arts in Wynwood), Bikismo's piece sits on a wall of Jose De Diego Middle School and depicts a playful metallic dog with its butt in the air. The level of detail is absolutely insane, with the dog's body resembling reflections on sculptures like Anish Kapoor's Cloud Gate in Chicago or Jeff Koons' Rabbit, which makes it easy to forget that it was done entirely in spray paint on a flat surface.

Image via Street Art News
Image via Street Art News

Each section of the mural was painted in the way that a tattoo artist would paint a hyperrealistic portrait, but even with the progress photos our brains can't process this magic. For more of Bikismo's incredible work, check out his Instagram.

[via Street Art News]